Intensive trainings are for those who have experienced a little of Tantra and feel that it holds the potential for deep, lasting, and ongoing positive development in their lives. Intensives offer the opportunity to explore the breadth of Tantric teachings, from the sexual practice all the way through to awareness of the mind and the tricks it likes to play.

Intensives are open to all genders and both singles and those in relationships. One of the most powerful aspects of exploring Tantra within a group is that you become visible to a wide network of people who can both challenge and support you in your growth. These intensives are designed to bring you out of your microcosm and introduce you to the macrocosm of a Tantra community whose purpose is help you to grow in the fullest and fastest way possible for you. The community will help you to see your blind spots, both the places that you keep yourself small and inhibit your natural shine and the places that you inflate yourself or hide yourself out of fear. 

Intensives are not for the feint hearted, but for the warriors and warrioresses of this world who desire to really take the bull of their own lives by the horn. Tantra is not just about having great sex. It’s about opening up to yourself so completely that you fall in love with your ‘you’ and the ‘all that is’ in such a way that each moment is the best sex you’ve ever had.

A pre-requisite to all Intensive Trainings is successfully completing the 1 day Energy Sex (link) workshop. These are held more or less monthly in London and once a year in various locations worldwide. Please check the calendar (link) for dates of both Energy Sex workshops and Intensives.

Intensives are held in Devon and run from Thursday evening to Monday lunchtime. We stay together in a beautiful, self contained venue with a sauna.

The charge of £500 includes accommodation and delicious healthy meals. Concessions are available on request.

To enrol or for further information please contact Helene at

Level 1. Introduction to Essential Tantra.

This is a very intensive weekend! We pack a lot in. There’s a lot of different aspects to Tantra that are all interdependent so in this introduction, we touch on almost all of them so that you come away with a very full awareness of everything that’s involved from the importance of releasing tension in your body, to the methods of letting sexual energy flow through you, to the role of the group in your own development, to coming to an ever greater awareness of how your thoughts patterns interrupt your flow, to radical honesty, plus more!  You can, and it is advised that you re-visit this level a number of times in order to deepen your practice in the essentials.

The areas we will cover in this course are:

  • In the moment boundaries and sovereignty
  • How to tap into and learn from group reflections and wisdom
  • The power and practice of unconditional love
  • The role of the brother and sister hood
  • Getting intimate with your thought patterns
  • Retaining and circulating sexual energy
  • Polarity of the feminine and masculine in each of us and their maturity
  • Transparency in community
  • Facing patterns and addictions
  • Sexual anatomy and energy pathways, focussing on the g-spot and prostate

At the end of this workshop you will be assessed by your peers for integrity and maturity. If you receive 8/10 or higher, you can jump around to do the subsequent levels in any order you choose. If not, don’t panic… just reflect on what you’ve learnt, take some time out, and then come back and do the introduction again. The aim here is not to do well first time around, but to learn about yourself deeply and to grow fully.

2. Diving Deep into Tantra

For level two, we use the tools, personal enquiry, and group support we’ve started in the first level to deepen and broaden our awareness of our sexual selves. Areas covered in this deepening include:

  • A frank look at safer sex
  • Gifts of the feminine and masculine
  • Healing parental wounds
  • Ego gazing
  • The healing available in fantasy
  • Increasing sensory awareness
  • Practical anatomy
  • Masturbation practice

At the end of this level you can ask your peers to asses you for integrity and maturity if you wish to.

3. Drowning in Tantra

This level is really about surrendering. Giving up your ego’s battle to keep you away from love and other perceived dangers. You will be given various tools and practices which aim to open up the path to true and full self loving and the courage to offer your hearts gift to others and all of life in each and every moment. Again, this is an ongoing practice and not yet another opportunity to self flagellate when you don’t live up to your own expectations!

Some of the previous course material will be re-visited in this course at a deeper level, but new aspects will include:

  • Genital de-armouring
  • Life stock take
  • The radical act of self love
  • Fierce love for the ‘other’
  • Breathwork for travelling deep into the body
  • A different take on relationships, their form and purpose
  • Power and pain play
  • Making love Puja

At the end of this level also, you may ask your peers to assess your level of integrity and maturity if you so wish.

4 & 5. Full Femininity or Full Masculinity

You can attend either of these trainings, depending not on the body type you find yourself, but on where you feel your predominant sexual energy lies. In rare cases where the sexual energy is fairly evenly balanced, or if you wish to strengthen the weaker of the two, you can attend both in turn, but start off with your predominant disposition.

4. Full Femininity

“The world will be saved by the western woman” Dalai Lama – Vancouver Peace Summit 2009

In this weekend workshop, we will look at how we can drop competitiveness between feminine beings and start to build a strong and supportive sisterhood. We’ll also look at our cycles, both moon and life cycles; celebrate our unique feminine gifts of intuition and sensuality; learn how to meditate the feminine way; discover the feminine archetypes and party together.

We’ll also look at the feminine act of drama; its role and how we can mature it, and explore how to deal with the masculine need for cave and freedom.

5. Full Masculinity

“The world will be saved by the evolved masculine” Me – Cyprus 2016

In this weekend workshop, we will look at what it means to be masculine in C21st. We’ll look at the history and stages of masculine expression and start to build a strong and supportive brotherhood from that. We’ll discover masculine archetypes and the art of ‘feeling into’.  We’ll meditate together and engage in masculine action. We’ll look at what it means to be trustable and to make love to your own purpose…. oh and we’ll party!

We’ll also look at the masculine need to hide in a cave and look at mature ways to do so, and also the feminine act of drama and how to deal with it with love and clarity.

6. Coming Up For Air … Family Camp

This camp will be for those who have completed any or all of the levels and is a co-creation. It will be a winter retreat in the sun held using the tools and practices that we’ve learnt together. Each day will start with a sharing circle to keep up to date with what’s going on in each of us and deal with anything that arises. For the rest of the day you will have the opportunity to either offer something to the group (for example a yoga session, art class, trust games etc), to participate in such an offering, or to simply be and relax.

We will cook for each other and make a practice of looking out for ways in which we can gift and honour each other in other ways too… especially secret ways!

On the last night there will be a cabaret created by us… singing, dancing, spoken word… whatever you’re inspired to gift us with. Or you can participate by sitting back and enjoying the show.