Energy Sex workshops happen in two ways; firstly after festivals abroad (link) and secondly, more or less monthly in London on a Saturday before a Tantra Dance (link) in the evening.

These 1 day workshops look at what sexual connection really is, both within yourself and with another. So much of what we are told about sex is inaccurate information. Whilst there is an opportunity to look at many of those assumptions we have about what sex is in this day, we will focus primarily on the misguided notion we have that sex is friction between body parts.

By exploring how sexual energy naturally runs through our bodies and can circulate between bodies, we can come to much deeper and nuanced understanding of what it is to make love.

We will work with correcting the imbalance in understanding about what the feminine offers into the dynamic from the heart, whether that person is in a male or female body. Recognising this gift of the feminine brings a whole new dynamic to the energy exchange in sex.

I think it’s the best fun you can have with your clothes on and will change the way you have physical sex forever!

Come as an individual or a couple and wearing something comfortable and stretchy and with some food to share.

Charge for 1 day Energy Sex workshop is £70